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Mary Wu 吳美瑩

Mary Wu 吳美瑩
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Project Solution Recruitment, Offshore Wind
Company Position: Senior Consultant - Energy Transition
Email Address:
Phone Number: +886 2 5594 1555

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Branding, I started off my career as a professional recruiting consultant at a leading international education company for over 4 years. In my time there, I supported families in Asia to find the right education solutions for their most valuable assets in life - their kids. It was a true pleasure to witness the growth of these global changemakers. This eventually led me to become a professional recruitment consultant in the renewable energy field. I strive to understand my clients’ requirements, gaps, and aspirations and am committed to guiding them towards a balanced solution with flexible contract solutions.

負責NextWave Partners 台灣辦公室,專注於離岸風場 (Offshore Wind Farm)的技術性人才招聘,同時也負責包含日本、韓國等地區。Mary 之前的工作是幫助亞太地區的家庭尋找孩子的教育解決方案,熟悉亞洲家庭和文化,結合對國際教育的深入了解,她得以開拓台灣市場並建立品牌口碑。 現她以推動能源轉型(Energy Transition)為目標,積極參與亞太地區再生能源專案,幫助國際企業在地化,建立當地辦公室和團隊,發掘人才並協助企業長期經營。 過去兩年協助許多專案順利進行,並成功招募重點職位人才。擅長領域為風力發電計畫,參與專案前期投資、標案、環評、許可、動工、維運,包含中高階白領職缺和現場海上施工團隊,她皆有豐富經驗和人脈。流利的雙語溝通和對離岸風電的趨勢掌握度都幫助企業和人才順利媒合,旨在幫助亞太地區儘早完成綠能轉型。

Area of Specialisation
At NextWave, I am responsible for providing contract manpower solutions in the renewable energy, clean technology, and infrastructure market in Asia.

Clients I work with include:
•    Infrastructure Investment Banks / Private Equity Groups
•    Infrastructure Advisory and Management Firms
•    Legal Counsel (external and internal)
•    Project Developers
•    Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
•    Engineering Services Firms (Owner’s Engineering, Lender’s Engineers, Independent Engineering)
•    EPC Companies 
•    Construction Contractors
•    Equipment Suppliers 

Renewable Energy Technology Focus:
•    Solar
•    Wind
•    Hydropower
•    Geothermal
•    Bio-Energy
•    Waste to Energy

My thoughts on Renewable Energy
I am super thrilled to be part of this industry, especially now when there's a massive emphasis globally on sustainability and renewable energy. As a big fan of nature, forests, mountains, oceans, animals, I do believe that going greener, cleaner, or Net Zero is something we should focus on and collaborate closely regardless of cultural, political, racial, or religious barriers.

It has been amazing to see considerable progress in the APAC market following the footprint from countries in the UK and Europe over recent years. It is an exciting time to be in this sector as we see more developing countries around the world driving renewable energy targets, thus opening the gates for more investments and more opportunities globally for anyone in this market!