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Maggie Haynes

Maggie Haynes
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Offshore Wind
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I graduated with a degree in Environmental Economics which educated me on the impact of industry on our economy and our planet. I took a special interest in the energy industry as it is vital to fuel our society and has a great opportunity to transition to clean sources. I worked in the energy industry in both renewables and beneficial electrification for 3 years before joining NextWave’s recruitment team where I now focus on the Offshore Wind market.

Areas of Specialisation
At NextWave Partners, I support the US Offshore Wind Market with clients including:

  • Project Developers

  • Vessel Owners

  • Engineering Consultancies

  • Equipment Suppliers

  • Investors/Project Sponsors

Some of the roles I recruit for:

  • Engineering Package Managers

  • Engineer Designers

  • Project Finance/Investment Individuals

  • Finance Managers

Thoughts on Renewable Energy
I believe that renewable energy is at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable world. Energy is an inelastic demand that will only grow with time. One of the amazing aspects of the Offshore Wind industry is its ability to deliver significant capacity of clean energy to the grid. As the industry grows, suppliers and all involved will need the best professionals in the industry to support their efforts.