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Empowering Youth through Communication Workshop

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Communication Workshop With Ymca
Importance of Communications within the Workforce
In the journey of stepping into the workforce, young adults often find themselves navigating a dynamic environment filled with new challenges and opportunities. One of the most crucial tools in their professional toolkit is effective communication.
Communication works as a bridge that connects individuals, ideas, and goals within a workplace. Clear and open communication builds understanding, collaboration, and a positive atmosphere. This allows employees to express their thoughts, seek support, and share innovative ideas.
Through active listening and clear communication, employees can build strong relationships with colleagues and managers, leading to better teamwork and personal growth. By improving communication, employees will be much more successful within the workplace when conveying ideas during meetings, seeking clarification on tasks, or even giving and receiving constructive feedback.
Hear it from our Learning & Development Lead

Angie Wakefield

“In the day and age where technology is getting stronger and more capable at filling in the hard skill gaps, it's even more vital that we stand out with our soft skill capabilities. One of the most important things, especially to making those great first impressions, is communication. Without good communication it's hard for us to function well within society, yet it's not emphasized enough in our schooling system. That's why part of NextWave's services focuses on teaching our candidates communication skills as well as giving back to the community by leading workshops to help improve this skill in emerging youth.”
About our Partnership with YMCA
As a recruitment consulting firm, we believe in investing in the future of young talents. That's why we have partnered with the Singapore YMCA team to offer a communications workshop for their youths. We recognize that effective communication is a key skill to succeed within the professional world. By partnering with YMCA, we aim to provide mentorship to these young individuals on what communication tools they can use to confidently enter the workforce.
Through this workshop, we are excited to share practical insights and real-world scenarios. We hope that through this workshop, these young adults will be able to better share their ideas, collaborate with future colleagues, and learn how to build strong connections with their peers.
Workshop Overview
  • Communication Methods
  • Tips on Better Communication
  • “Different Understanding” Activity
  • Conflict Management
  • Real-World Skit Activity
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More about NextWave Partners Workshops and Partnerships
At NextWave Partners, we are able to customize workshops that address various aspects of personal development, team building workshops, and career coaching. Reach out to us today for more details and information.
Angie Wakefield- Learning & Development Lead
Frances Wu - Marketing & Communications

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