Angie Wakefield

Specialisation: Technology Recruitment, Data, AI & Analytics, Software Engineering
Company Position: Senior Consultant - Data & Technology
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6922 4573

"People-focused" is the best way to describe my work. Holding a major in Psychology and an urge to understand the needs of others, I service those around me to an exceptional degree by tailoring my service to what they require. With a keen desire to learn, problem solve and understand market trends, I have become an expert in the data science market, consulting both companies and individuals on their hiring/career needs. Within this time, I have been able to focus her energy on qualitative consulting, resulting in finding 16 people new jobs within my first year in the area of Data Science & Analytics.

Area of Specialisation

Able to cover spectrum of data analytics to modelling and infrastructure. Advanced analytics, AI and machine learning all the way to data lakes and pipelining.

Data and Software Engineering focused recruitment:

- Python / Java / Golang Development
- Engineering Management
- Chief Technology Officer
- Data Engineering
- Machine Learning Engineering
- Data Architecture

Level of Seniority: Mid to Senior level hires

Regional focus in Singapore and Hong Kong.

My thoughts on Technology

Technology is all around us. There is no escaping it and as it advances. We must learn to maneuver ourselves within this new and overwhelming oasis so we do not become consumed and left behind by automation. Recruitment is one of those fields, where empathy and the human touch is necessary to understand someone's needs on their career advancement.

I personally am a strong believer in combining the strength of AI, data and human-focused energy. Uniting these forces together is the future of the way companies and nations will be run. Thus, giving us the focus required to make sure the right talent, is enforcing change to technology within your organisations.

There is a new wave of data scientists and data engineers coming through. In a slowly saturating market, it is our job to make sure that you are still able to find the right talent, making sure your company stays ahead of other competitors. Identifying the senior talent to lead your teams and enable them to tackle this next wave of technology with your best foot forward, is our key strength. In a few years, there will be many fresh graduates and citizen data members using adapted tools that it will be hard for your company to stand out. Now is the best time to get ahead of the curve and make sure your data team has the maturity it needs to stand out from the rest!