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Board Advisor Appointment: Neil Tregarthen

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​​Press Release: NextWave Partners appoints Neil Tregarthen as Strategic Board Advisor. 

Adam Wade

“NextWave Partners are excited to announce the appointment of Neil Tregarthen as our newest Board Advisor. Neil had been giving us free advice and coaching since 2018 and we’ve finally been able to convince him to join us in a formal capacity!

Neil’s previous experience, driving enormous growth as CEO of NES GlobalTalent during the 2004-2014 period, before which he worked in senior roles within U.K. FTSE 100 companies and the lessons he’s learnt along the way, are helping NextWave navigate new territory, as we scale globally and ramp up the contract service offering for offshore wind and onshore renewables. These intentions draw close parallels to Neil’s oil & gas, power and infrastructure, specialist manpower business development track record. 

Outside of the hard skills , knowledge and experience, Neil’s very “human” and “people first” approach, coupled with his existing relationships with several key NextWave staff who previously worked with him, has seen Neil fit seamlessly into the culture and understanding of what makes NextWave tick. Neil is playing a coaching role, but occasionally jumps in and shows us how to do things at the coal face, when asked. He has already been generous with his time, a fact which he attributes to having a passion for businesses that are not only visionary in nature, but which maintain an absolute focus on the positive corporate culture that supports such ambitions.”


​Neil Tregarthen

“I’ve known Adam and Alex for a number of years and a few of their team previously worked with me when I was still CEO at NES Global Talent. Thus our “courtship,” has been lengthy and broadly based, so I felt very comfortable when the invite came along. This is the only recruitment sector offer I’ve accepted since I left NES in 2014 and that indicates how highly I think of the NextWave business and those involved.”

​About Neil Tregarthen

Neil Tregarthen attended grammar school in the U.K. from 1969 to 1976 and having failed to persuade his father to support his university law degree, left Cornwall for London, in 1977. He took on any job which would pay the rent, which included selling life assurance via cold calling and washing cars for a vehicle rental company. It was in the car rental world that people thought he had something to offer and over a number of years, he progressed to Operations Director for Europcar. Neil has also worked for a number of FTSE 100 companies, including the British Airports Authority and Hays PLC.

After their first child was born with the challenge of Downs Syndrome, Neil decided in the ensuing years, that a PLC environment was unlikely to deliver what was economically required for this new family challenge and he came to covet the private equity sector and its risk/reward profile. Accessing that world proved very difficult with no first degree or formal business qualifications however, so he took a year out, completed an MBA and then looked again for his first PE opportunity. It worked, a number of deals followed and his "swan song," was the sale of NES Global Talent to AEA Partners from the U.S. for £234m., back in 2012. 

Neil’s MBA is from Henley Management College and he has managed private equity businesses for the last twenty years. The development of NES Global Talent, saw it grow from a small UK business, into one with 45 offices around the world and revenues of US$1bn. Having worked for two years post the AEA deal, Neil semi retired and bought a house on the water back home in his native Cornwall, where he now lives with wife of 40 years, Amanda. He has invested in a number of start up companies, the latest being ( he owns a marine engineering business based in Falmouth ( ) a residential property development company ( and runs a fully family and personally funded charity for disadvantaged young people (  

Neil and Amanda have two other children, a daughter who is a doctor in the NHS and their youngest son, who runs his own smart vehicle repair business in Buckinghamshire. 

Our Board Members

"I am pleased to be engaged with NextWave Partners as an Advisor, working with them to help their clients be ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring decisions and expanding in new markets, within Renewable Energy & Infrastructure. NextWave shares my passion for people and I really look forward to working with them in this very interesting time for Energy & Infrastructure in Asia & globally."​

John Walker AM

​"I’m delighted to be working as an advisor to NextWave Partners, helping them to better understand the mega-trends impacting on the energy business and to anticipate the future needs of their customers. There is a lot of talk about the massive investment needed in assets to reduce our carbon emissions, but equally important is the investment that is needed in the people to make ambitious plans a reality. To thrive in the energy transition, companies will need to find and develop the best talent and NextWave Partners is perfectly positioned to help businesses to do this.”

Mark Gainsborough

"I am excited to be joining the Advisory Board of NextWave Partners, which has been playing a role in driving ESG and sustainability in the recruitment space. To build forward-looking and resilient organisations, we need to be looking closely at talent development and capacity building through the sustainability lens. I look forward to working with NextWave on this and contributing towards this thriving global ecosystem."

Jessica Cheam

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