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2021 Walkn'Talk: Donate for India's COVID-19 Battle

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The NextWave Partners team is passionate about giving back time and expertise through our Walkn'Talk Fundraising campaign.

The campaign aims to offer career or recruitment process consultations for free and to promote mental health awareness through physical exercise while raising donations towards an important campaign.

This campaign is for:

  • Professionals seeking career advice and networking tips

  • Business representatives seeking recruitment/hiring process consultations

  • Stakeholders of NextWave looking to support us while doing good

This quarter, meet one of our specialist Recruitment Consultants from the NextWave Partners team for an in-person/digital walk to discuss your career or your business's recruitment process and donate to help India Battle Its COVID-19 Crisis.

Funds raised will go to the Singapore Red Cross Society's India COVID-19 Response.

India is facing a COVID-19 crisis. The number of new cases has reached over 300,000 per day. This is an emergency situation that needs your help now.

Your donation will go towards bringing medical equipment and supplies such as:

  • ventilators,

  • oxygen cylinders, and

  • oxygen concentrators

Let us know you donated by using the hashtag #walkntalk and tagging NextWave Partners on social media!

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