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Road to Sustainability: How NextWave Secured B Corp Certification

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Road To Sustainability
How it Started
​Established in early 2016, NextWave Partners (NextWave) has stayed committed to supporting industries battling climate change towards a net-zero future and a sustainable economy. Throughout this journey, we’ve not only worked with organizations that share our ESG visions, we’ve also chosen to work with those that are looking to transition their business model to become more sustainable. 
Joining the B Corp community allows NextWave to be at the heart of a movement that aims to transform the global economy and world to a one where all stakeholders, not just shareholders, are valued and prioritized. This journey to achieve B Corp certification is motivated by our passion to be a business for good and having an ability to influence the market rather than to simply provide services for it. 
How We Made It Happen
We partnered with Rimm Sustainability at the start of our B Corp journey as a way for our team to quantify our sustainability efforts. Rimm Sustainability provides a digital Chief Sustainability Officer system (myCSO), which helps build internal sustainability capabilities while supporting corporates to start their journey right as well as allowing them to integrate sustainability to everyday business processes effectively. 
We have used myCSO to track our carbon footprint and measure performance. With this data, we have also generated our sustainability reports and found the solutions we needed. 
The B Corp assessment is the only measurement that reviews a company’s entire social and environmental impact, which is why they are described as the “gold standard for good business”. Through the assessment, NextWave answered over 100 questions on governance, colleagues , community, environment and Clients. We started documenting and improving standards within the business to uphold the best ESG practices including re-aligning our purpose and choice of Clients. 
Moving Forward
For NextWave Partners, this accreditation is just the first step for our business to understand the scope of the positive impact we’ve been able to make as a business during the past 6-7 years. Moving forward, NextWave Partners’ global leaders are motivated to drive the Energy Transition, Sustainability & ClimateTech industries forward, with an ability to influence the market rather than to simply provide services for it.
We’re excited to be one of the 24 certified B Corps in Singapore. We’re proud to be part of a global community of businesses that meet the high standards of social and environmental impact.
As NextWave Partners continues to drive business to become the No.1 Global Energy Transition, Sustainability and Climate Tech recruitment company, we will also continue upholding our high standards to do Business for Good.
For more information and partnership discounts to Rimm Sustainability, please contact Frances Wu (marketing and communications).
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