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Increase Retention Rates & Improve Performance Management

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Co-organized Event between SGInnovate and NextWave Partners
About the Event:
One of the greatest challenges Tech-Startups face in this decade is retaining their employee and attracting new talents to expand the team. In this session, we explore how Tech-Startups can increase retention rates and improve performance management through market data, simulations, and thought leadership discussions.
"If you invest in your people in the right way, you will see happier, more engaged staff who know the business is really people first.
You’ll also see people stay longer in your organization which is one of the best ways to reduce cost. It helps you save on recruitment budgets for recruiters, consultants and advertising tools as well as reduce time taken away from vital team members in interviewing and training." - Angie Wakefield, Head of People and Culture
Designed by our Talent Development Team & Climate-tech Specialists, in this session we focus on:
  • Market data and case studies on retention and performance management
  • Introduction of psychometric (InnerMetrix) profiles of different roles (from C-level to employees)
  • Simulation of workplace scenarios & case management
  • Demo session on using different tools to tackle different organizational problems
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If you are interested in collaborating with NextWave Partners in hosting events, please send your request to our People and Communications, Frances Wu.

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