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Vivien Lee

Vivien Lee
Specialisation: Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Permanent Recruitment, Renewable Energy, Executive Search
Company Position: Principal Consultant - Renewables (Senior Appointment & Executive Search)
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Phone Number: +65 6233 0976

​I started off as a chartered accountant with ACCA during the early days of my career in the Big 4 and joined the normal route of moving to corporate with some of the blue-chip multinationals. During that time, I held several positions in finance, corporate strategy and risk management. Since 2015, I’ve made a transition to the search and selection industry.

I was craving to take on something that is more front-line with direct impact to businesses and along came agency recruitment as one of the stronger options due to it being a very fast paced and dynamic industry as well as a sector that could provide a lot of exposure at a short period of time.

Area of Specialisation

I’ve always taken a liking to Power/Energy and Industrial Engineering/ Manufacturing since the beginning due to the never-ending innovation in this sector. The interesting yet complicated aspects of this function and sector spurs me to want to know and learn more. Ever since having a taste of hiring for talents within this space, I’ve been specialised in hiring senior engineering professionals and business leaders for multinationals and local conglomerate organisations across South East and North Asia market. I have done this while in Malaysia, Hong Kong and most recently Singapore.

My track record includes placements across leadership and technical functions of origination / development, investment, engineering design, R&D (to name a few) across the APAC & EU region.

Currently, I’m the Principal Consultant responsible for leading NextWave Partners Asia executive and leadership searches across Sustainable Infrastructure, Climate & Renewable Energy.

My thoughts on energy transition

Since the start of energy transition, our observation is that there have been huge talent gaps within the renewable industry which vary across different sectors but generally encompass engineering / technical skills, R&D, project and development, regulatory affair and policies, O&M and Digital.

However it’s not all doom and gloom as the transition provides opportunities to leaders in the renewable industry to reconsider and rehaul their critical human resources strategies. They can explore new avenues for attracting, training and developing talent (both upskill and reskill) to ensure sustainable talent availability for the coming years. This is key given rising demand within the green sector making talent scarcer than ever before.