Vinny Chan

Specialisation: Technology Recruitment, Data, AI & Analytics, Software Engineering
Company Position: Manager - AI, Data and Technology
Email Address:
Phone Number: 6914 9936

With a passion for data; Vinny has spent over 6 years specialising in the recruitment of data professionals, starting her career recruiting in Analytics with a focus in digital, marketing and customer domain, thereafter moving into Data Science across industries. She is now heading up the Regional Data and Technology practice at NextWave Partners.

Vinny excels in building data teams in organisations across industries including Energy, E-Commerce, Software Tech, Consultancy, Big Four Audit, Advertising Agency, Healthcare & Pharma & Financial Services.

With a consultative approach and high-service orientation, she takes pride in sharing market knowledge and advising on talent attraction & retention. This resulted in her proven success in placements of data teams in more than 12 organisations (each with a number of hires between 3 to 20 talents). Vinny is particularly proud of recruiting a team of twelve data science, analytics & computer vision developers for one company within the span of a year. 

Area of Specialisation

- Full Spectrum of AI and Data
•    AI - Deep Learning & Computer Vision (Image & Video)
•    Robotics & Automation 

- Data
•    Analytics, 
•    Data Science, 
•    Data Engineering, 
•    Big Data Architecture & Infrastructure,  
•    Machine Learning Developers

- Expertise in Mid to Senior hires, Regional coverage in Asia.

My thoughts on Technology

Having started my recruitment career specialising data in 2014, back when it was still considered an untapped area and around the time the Smart Nation initiative was launched, I was very fortunate to witness the exponential growth and investment in data across organisations over the years.

In the recent years, more companies are looking into AI & ML automation, in the constant fight to innovate and to leverage cutting edge technologies. The ever-increasing demand for data professionals means fiercer competition in attracting the best data talent. Even with the help of courses and educational platforms, many self-taught data scientists as well as budding fresh graduates with analytics qualifications, there is still a prevalent shortage of good data professionals in the industry.

With our consultative and quality-driven approach, we seek to understand the purpose for your hiring and the vision for your Technology division. This helps us to advise accordingly and tailor the search to seek candidates possessing the right blend of skills & culture fit for the position. We strive to go above and beyond the typical recruiting role to serve as a brand ambassador for our clients as we act as the first contact point to present the company in the most effective way as we headhunt the market's top talent.

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