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Thomas Carpenter

Thomas Carpenter
Specialisation: Permanent Recruitment, Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Executive Search
Company Position: AVP - Green Marine
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Phone Number: +44 7700 179672

I have been working in search for 7 years across real assets and infrastructure. In the last 4 years, I have worked specifically across a broad range of markets within the energy transition in EMEA & North America. Having worked in London, New York and now Barcelona, I have a wide network of senior industry professionals in key locations for the sector including funds, portfolio companies, IPP´s/developers and marine institutions.

I have worked across clean energy generation and alternative fuels and now will be focused on the decarbonisation of the marine sector (Green Marine).

Area of Specialisation

I lead the Global Green Marine where I will focus on senior-level appointments for 4 key areas including:

 •   Offshore Wind Vessel Companies
 •   Decarbonising Marine Sector (e.g. Sustainable Fuels and emerging offshore energy initiatives)
 •   Funds within the Marine Industry
 •   Port Infrastructure

Across these key areas, my team and I will focus on corporate onshore talent including Board-Level, Non-Executive, Finance, Legal, Operational, Technical, R&D and Logistics.

My Thoughts on Green Marine

Decarbonizing the marine sector is essential for the global energy transition. The marine industry consumes approximately 3% of global energy and contributes about 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. Transitioning to cleaner energy sources, such as renewable fuels and electrification, will significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Implementing energy-efficient technologies, alternative fuels like hydrogen and ammonia, and electrification of ports and vessels are key strategies. This shift not only advances global sustainability goals but also mitigates climate change impacts. By investing in green technologies and infrastructure, the marine sector can play a pivotal role in achieving a low-carbon future.