Terry Hodges

Specialisation: Technology Recruitment, Cybersecurity, Technology Sales
Company Position: Team Leader - Technology (Australia)
Email Address:
Phone Number: + 65 6340 1914

I started my career in recruitment in 2014 with a focus on the international power generation market. Since then, I have relocated from London to Singapore and have grown multiple markets throughout a range of different sectors.

Area of Specialisation

I recruit across the global technology market but with a keen interest and network within the cyber security fields. A few of the select positions that I cover include;
•     Security Consultant
•     Chief Information Security Officer
•     Computer Forensics Expert
•     Incident Responder
•     Security Engineer

My thoughts on Technology

The technology industry is something that now impacts people on a daily basis, as we continue to move more and more into managing our lives digitally.

With the projection that online spending is going to greatly expand over the coming years, the inevitable risks regarding security will ultimately arise.

With companies constantly assessing this potential threat to their business and client data, an increase in the funding and development of cyber professionals will be at the forefront of company strategy over the coming years.