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Maximilien Nabarro

Maximilien Nabarro
Specialisation: Cybersecurity, Climate Tech Recruitment, Technology Product
Company Position: Associate Consultant - Technology
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6232 6967

​I have always loved to help people. I graduated with a sports management degree in the United Kingdom wanting to become an agent to find the right team for players. During COVID, I wanted to come back to my roots and live in Singapore but was unsure what I wanted to do. My friend told me about recruitment. I loved the idea of it, I could help people, and do it in a space that I am passionate about. I was previously working as a data analyst, giving me experience in the sector, and the requisite knowledge to recruit successful AI, analytics and data project managers.

Area of specialisation

  • Security Consultant

  • Chief Information Security Officer

  • Sales/Business Development - Security Software

  • Incident Responder

  • Penetration Tester

  • Analytics

  • Data

Thoughts on Climate-tech

I remember staying up and watching the latest iPhone coming out and building my first computer. I knew this was a space that was for me. I would read magazines and watch Youtube videos on how they were built and what kind of tech was inside a product.

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