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Humphrey Wrey

Humphrey Wrey
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Project Solution Recruitment, Offshore Wind
Company Position: Associate Consultant
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6232 6662

​I have worked in the UK, Africa and Asia in a number of sectors and have extensive experience across various sectors including tech startups, private equity, and trading analysis. I am a creative problem-solver, with a track record of initiating and successfully executing large-scale projects and ventures.

Throughout my professional journey, I have demonstrated exceptional abilities in developing and refining sales skills in new industries, talent acquisition, financial management, and team building. I have led and nurtured teams, established relationships with key stakeholders, and consistently delivered on business objectives.

Area of Specialisation

As a recruitment specialist, my focus is on identifying and placing high-calibre talent within the renewable energy sector, particularly in engineering and managerial roles. I specialize in the wind and solar spaces, catering to the unique requirements of these industries for both project and operational roles. My comprehensive understanding of the technical demands and strategic needs of these sectors allows me to effectively source, assess, and match candidates to align with my clients' objectives, thus driving innovation and growth within the renewable energy field.

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy

As a specialist with a keen focus on the renewable energy sector, specifically on wind and solar projects in the APAC region, I am very optimistic about its prospects. In examining the job market within this sector, I see a growing demand for expertise and innovative solutions. The rising awareness about climate change and the urgent need for clean energy alternatives make this an exciting, high-growth industry to be part of. It is a unique opportunity to contribute to a greener future, while also challenging and broadening my professional skills.