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Chelsea Phan

Specialisation: Climate Tech Recruitment, Software Engineering
Company Position: Senior Consultant - Devops and Infrastructure Engineering
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6432 8267

Before joining NextWave Partners, I had over 4 years of working experience as an auditor, specialising in the technology sector. This helped to cultivate my interest and understanding of how technology companies work, and as well as current industry trends. Creating value for both candidates and clients has always been the focus of my work. I always start a conversation with a question in mind “what value will my work bring to you?” as I often try to find avenues to help people as much as possible, be it hiring or job seeking needs.

Area of specialisation

Able to cover the spectrum of data analytics to modeling and infrastructure. Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning all the way to data lakes and pipelining.

Data and Software Engineering focused recruitment:

  • Python / Java / Golang Development

  • Engineering Management

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Data Engineering

  • Machine Learning Engineering

  • Data Architecture

  • Level of Seniority: Mid to Senior level hires

My thoughts on Climate-tech

Technologies have always been an important part of our lives, and we could see this more clearly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where everyone has to stay at home and becomes increasingly reliant on technologies in their daily lives.

As more people are spending time online, it is expected that there would be massive amounts of data generated every day. Companies feel the urgency to capture, optimise and capitalize the insights from this data in order to provide the right product offers and generate more sales.

This translates to increased demand for data and DevOps engineers, as they are pivotal in helping companies to capture meaningful data, and to offer the right application features in a timely manner.
With the increasing hiring needs, it is still a challenge for many companies to find the right candidates, mainly due to the scarcity in the talent pools. On the other hand, there are still candidates who are with the right skills and talents, but not yet be aware of such job opportunities. As such, I hope to leverage my experiences and skills to bridge this hiring need and thus create values for everyone.

🌱 We are committed to supporting industries battling climate change towards a net-zero future and a sustainable economy.