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Ashwin Rajiv Karamchandani

Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Offshore Wind, Project Solution Recruitment
Company Position: Associate Consultant
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6432 8256

Growing up in Thailand's vibrant markets, I fell in love with sustainable design. This passion led me to support a friend in launching an eco-homeware company, where I spearheaded the strategic direction. While pursuing my bachelor's degree in Amsterdam, I joined a consulting company's leadership program. Analyzing the impact of oil and gas on the environment ignited a desire to make a positive difference. After graduating, I honed my skills in tech recruitment, but I craved a deeper purpose. Now at Nextwave, I focus on offshore wind recruitment, combining my passion with expertise to place the right talent at the heart of a greener future.

Area of Specialisation

Driving growth in the APAC offshore wind market, I've partnered with leading clients including:

  • Project developers

  • EPC companies

  • Equipment suppliers

  • Turbine Manufacturers

  • Investors

Behind the scenes of offshore wind, I help recruit for essential roles such as:

  • Package managers

  • Business/Project development managers

  • Directors

  • Technical Managers

  • Engineers/Technicians

  • EIA, Consenting, Permitting

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Finance Managers

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy

Focusing on offshore wind recruitment at Nextwave, I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of a technology that harnesses clean energy and combats climate change.

Offshore wind holds immense potential, not just for its environmental impact, but for the economic opportunities it creates. As clients recognize the positive change offshore wind brings, project development will accelerate. This is where my passion comes in – connecting talented individuals who share the drive to build a cleaner world. Together, we can place the right people at the heart of this exciting future.