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We are partnering with InnerMetrix to provide a range of solutions in profiling that together answer the questions of what? why? and how? WHAT natural talents do you have? WHY are you motivated to use them? HOW do you prefer to use them? 

With three world-class profiling tools, you can choose to get one or a combination of the various tools to have an in-depth understanding of your corporation and how to develop your talent. Only through understanding the core drivers of performance and utilising this knowledge across business decisions such as hiring, team-building and leadership, can you position people in your business to excel in their careers and perform to the top of their capabilities. 

At the moment, our psychometrics solutions include a report as well as coaching sessions with our Certified Consultants:

  • DISC
  • DISC Plus (including Values and Motivations)
  • ADVanced Report
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