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ESG and Sustainability

Nextwave Partners' ESG, Sustainability & Climate-Tech division focuses on key strategic hires & sourcing specialist skills for any organisation committed to socially and environmentally conscious governance and finance; connecting profit with purpose towards sustainable economic development.

Our specialists are working with candidates and organisations who are developing projects and products that utilise advanced clean technology to reduce environmental impacts and mitigate climate change advancing a circular economy.

Areas include
  • Sustainable Finance and Impact Investment
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • ESG Risk and Reporting
  • Climate Change and Carbon Management
  • Sustainability Research and Policy
  • Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Utilities
  • PropTech, Smart Building
  • Energy Efficiency, AI-powered Forecasting
  • Internet of Things (IoT) / Data Analytics / Big Data / Digitalization
  • ImpactTech
  • Battery Storage/Grid Technology
  • Smart Water Usage/Tech
  • Recycling, Waste Management
  • Sustainable Agribusiness, FoodTech
  • Sustainable Forestry
Click here to download the ESG, Sustainability, Climate-Tech Brochure.