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Wish Ismail

Wish Ismail
Specialisation: Technology Recruitment, Technology Sales
Company Position: Business Support Executive - Technology
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Before joining NextWave, I worked on localisation and content ops in the media industry, where I managed multiple projects with marketing, product, and tech teams. This allowed me to exercise budget constraints as well as understand essential business decisions. Realising that I had a strong passion for communications and tech, pursuing my career as Business Support Executive with NextWave Partners felt like the right call.

Area of specialisation

Supporting the Head of AI & Technology Recruitment (Vinny Chan) in business support and operations, my role includes:

  • Conducting market research, resourcing needs and understanding business decision making

  • Managing schedules and communication

  • Strategising, planning and implementation of digital marketing

My thoughts on Technology

Born and raised in a pre-internet culture, I was lucky enough to be part of the transitional phase. I love gadgets and am a big fan of technology generally. Technology has changed how we live and the impossible has now become a thing of the past. It makes you smarter, it lets you see what’s going on the other side of the world, in real time, without having to get up from your seat! Don’t feel like going out to meet your friends today? Simple solution - video call! Technology has made our lives simpler, allowing us to do more, with less!