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Tuan Lee Rajap

Tuan Lee Rajap
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment, Offshore Wind, Utilities, Digital Infrastructure
Company Position: Director - Energy, Infrastructure & Technology (EMEA)
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Phone Number: +44 20 8187 6440

Upon my graduation at UCL in the summer of 2016, I began my career in the banking industry where I did several internships at hedge funds and banking institutions as a market analyst and then eventually an equities/corporate bonds trader. After a year of working within that industry, I lacked the motivation and found little meaning or joy to continue in that field. Fast forward a few months I ended up within the energy recruitment industry where I found a new love to excel and channel my efforts in. It has given me great joy placing mid to senior-level professionals in new roles, giving me the unique ability to not just change people’s jobs but change people’s lives for the better too, enabling the personal fulfilment that comes with it.

Areas of specialisation

At NextWave Partners I am responsible for EMEA, accountable for our P&L and growth within Energy, Infra &Tech/IoT. Particularly focusing within the Energy remit, focusing on areas such as Nuclear, Power, T&D, Renewable Energy and IoT. Supporting the whole life cycle of a project through concept/design, installation and commissioning as well as Operations and Maintenance.

  • Renewable Energy: Solar Energy, PV & CSP Windy Energy, On & Offshore Wind, Tidal/Hydro Power, BioEnergy, Storage Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure.
    Scope: Development, PMO, Engineering, Construction/Installation, HSE, Procurement, Commissioning, O&M

  • Conventional Power: Design Engineering, Construction & installation, Commissioning & Startup, Maintenance Overhauls, & Outages.
    Scope: Craft labour up to TFA level personnel, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Instrumentation, Process, Piping, Quality Inspection, HSE, Commissioning, HRSG, Air Intake, Governor, Excitation, Field Service etc.

  • Nuclear Energy: Nuclear new build,. Lifetime extension & power upgrades, Operation & maintenance, Regulation & Government, Decommissioning, Radioactive waste & fuel management, Research & education.
    Scope: Design, Commissioning, Construction, Execution, Thermal-hydraulic/Fluid System, Permit to work, Operators, Foreign Material Exclusion (FME), NSSS, PMO, Scheduling P6, Fuel Handling, Process, Safety Engineering, PSA, Nuclear instrumentation, Diesel Generator, Expediting, Quality Assurance.

  • IoT: Clean Technology, SMART Energy, SMART Technology, SMART Cities.
    Scope: Functional roles – Product Manager, Project Manager, Technical Sales, Software Developers, Sales, Service Delivery, Solution Architects etc.

My thoughts

After 5 years of recruitment, I have been lucky enough to operate in various different energy markets and have witnessed the sheer amount of volume and success from sectors such as Power, Nuclear, Renewables, Infrastructure and Tech.

Being an environmentalist I have always had an interest in the natural world so have always been passionate about clean energy, and from my experience of working in this field, I have always found my work to have a higher purpose through the people I work with, rather than just the profits. At NextWave Partners this is at the forefront of our vision, challenging the status quo and making a difference where we can, however small that may be. I always think of how we can make a meaningful impact and use this as the main motivator to do what we do.