Silas Mähner

Specialisation: Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment, Renewable Energy, CleanTech, Climate & Environment
Company Position: Consultant - Renewables & CleanTech (Americas)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 (929) 295-6707

Originally from the state of Wisconsin, with a background in finance and marketing consulting, I decided to put my skills to use for a goal bigger than myself: clean energy for all. 

Prior to that, I was consulting businesses to take leaps (or baby steps) towards their ultimate goals. In my role at NextWave, I help companies find the best talent to help them make those leaps with confidence. With the right talent, your company will excel!

In addition to finding talent, we are able to offer our insight into what they might do to better accomplish their goals as an organization. We are in the trenches every day and get a lot of exposure to different models and therefore have a very diverse understanding of the market.

My Area of Specialisation

At NextWave, we all have our specialty. My purpose at NextWave is to help grow our Renewable Energy and CleanTech business unit covering the Americas. 

My remit is:

- Solar (Utility and C&I)

- Wind (offshore and onshore)

- Battery Storage

- Smart Energy (IoT & Energy Digitalization)

- Smart Grid Applications, E-Mobility, Energy Management & Energy Efficiency 

There are many areas of the CleanTech space that are still undefined, but you can expect me to be following all of them.

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy & CleanTech

CleanTech is a newly emerging market that has stemmed from a lot of groundwork being laid in the Renewables & Energy sector. With that groundwork laid, the world will start to transform how we store energy. Proper storage is vital to sustainable and even energy consumption.

We will start to see a plethora of tech companies created to manage the endless opportunities that renewable energy has created. From applications to manage power consumption properly to products that integrate properly with the ‘smart grid’. 

With the onset of the internet of things, and the foundation of renewable energy, we will see innovation in ways we didn’t know were possible. Smart grid applications, that are easy for individuals to use that simultaneously accomplish proper management of our energy, will help us reduce unnecessary energy consumption. 

Suffice to say, I’m very excited to be diving into this challenging, unknown, and opportune market.