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Silas Mähner

Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment, ESG, Sustainability & Climate-Tech
Company Position: Senior Consultant - Renewables, ESG and Sustainability (Americas)
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Phone Number: +1 (929) 295-6707

Originally from the state of Wisconsin, with a background in finance and marketing consulting, I decided to put my skills to use for a goal bigger than myself: clean energy for all. 

In my role at NextWave, I help companies identify, attract, and retain the right talent for their team. I'm especially interested in helping my clients build a talent attraction magnet culture. Part of this is building an environment where people want to work because they are treated with respect and receive great fulfilment in their roles.

We put a special focus on giving our clients market insights about salary benchmarks, incentive structures, hiring process best practices, and all sorts of hiring insights. At the heart of all of our consultants is a desire to be a partner who helps our client achieve their goals.

We are in the trenches every day and get a lot of exposure to different models & scenarios and therefore have a very diverse understanding of the market.

My Area of Specialisation

My speciality at NextWave is within ESG/Sustainability, ClimateTech, Renewables, and Talent Retention Consulting via our IMX services.

My remit is:

  • ClimateTech

  • ESG / Sustainability

  • Solar (Utility and C&I)

  • Wind (Offshore and Onshore)

  • Battery Storage

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Climate Change is an indisputable issue that we all face so the growth of Clean Technologies is the baseline to solving the problem of emissions, and this space will continue to grow massively for the coming couple of decades.

On top of this foundation, the growth of the ClimateTech industry is exploding to solve all the other inefficiencies and wasted resources. Almost every aspect of modern life is or will be reinvented moving towards sustainability.

At the heart of all these issues are the individuals who make these things happen. This is why ESG frameworks need to be implemented to help achieve the UN SDGs to help ensure ethical and fair treatment of all people involved in a company's operations. The benefits of ESG will be felt hugely within talent attraction and retention and this space will grow massively as more and more countries require ESG reporting and tracking.

I'm very excited to be at the heart of all three of these areas as there are many challenges to solve and many incredible humans who I work with on a daily basis who give me great hope for the future.