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Silas Mähner

Specialisation: Permanent Recruitment, Climate Tech Recruitment, Executive Search, Deep Science
Company Position: Team Lead - Climate-tech, ESG and Sustainability
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 (929) 295-6707

Since joining NextWave in March 2020 as a country boy from Wisconsin I am really proud of how I’ve grown. The leadership team along with my colleagues have pushed me to be the best I can. It’s a great honor to be part of this team as we are helping companies get the right people to help solve climate change.

Working with NextWave allows me to fulfill my desire to help the world transition to a cleaner future with the advance of ClimateTech. Knowing this allows me to show up to work excited everyday about the impact that I'm making.

At NextWave, our entire ethos is to provide unparalleled and value-added services to clients by providing market salary expectations, helping structure incentive plans, discussing equitable and fair hiring practices and making introductions to other potential partners. I can personally attest to the fact that every consultant we have hired have proved to be highly motivated to establish a strong partnership with our clients and help them achieve their goals.

My Area of Specialisation
At NextWave my role has evolved to be leading our ClimateTech & Sustainability/ESG teams across the Americas. With our team of consultants in the Americas we support companies building software and hardware solutions across the space with a special focus on:
- Impact Finance (VC & PE)
- EV, EV-Tech, & E-Mobility
- EnergyTech
- PropTech / SmartBuildings / Built Environment
- CarbonTech & Carbon Capture
- ESG Data Tracking (Real Estate & Private Equity focus)
- Green Manufacturing
- AgTech / FoodTech / Vertical Farming
- Consultancies

Inside of these organizations we support roles from C-Suite to Engineering. (Data/ML, Product, Software, Cyber, IoT, Finance, Sales/BD, Leadership, Sustainability)

In my role, I focus on supporting Finance, BD/Sales, and Marketing roles with a special focus on partnering with Funds (VC & PE) to help support their portfolio companies as they grow.

My Thoughts on Climate-tech, Renewable Energy & ESG/Sustainability
Since Climate Change is an indisputable issue we all face, the growth and adoption of Clean Technologies are vital for our continued existence. The coolest part about this transition, is that it will not only aid our survival but also lead us to live better lives. From cleaner air that reduces health issues, to less waste that keeps our natural world beautiful, the benefits are vast and many are still unknown.

At the heart of all these issues are the individuals who make these things happen. Without the right people, working together, we wil not secure our future. Additionally, if we lose focus on the people making this happen, we lose focus on why we are working so hard to fix Climate Change in the first place.

It is for this reason that I am highly motivated to be part of the solution. Talent attraction, retention, and development is not easy. This is a my personal mission with my clients, to help them attract the right people and create incredible places to work while we work as a collective to help save the earth.

Being at the heart of all this, and seeing all this innovation really gives me hope for the future. Not only is ClimateTech the way we need to go to save the planet, it’s also an incredible wealth creation opportunity for organizations that genuinely care about their people. This shift from greedy corporations to people and climate first companies, is extremely encouraging. Together, we can save the planet and raise millions out of poverty.

​​🌱 We are committed to supporting industries battling climate change towards a net-zero future and a sustainable economy.