Shaun Mogul

Specialisation: Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment, Renewable Energy
Company Position: Consultant - Renewables & Investment (EMEA Coverage)
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As a recent Sports Management graduate, my experience lies within the organisation and implementation of development projects through the medium of sport, as demonstrated through my time working in Uganda for Arsenal Football Club.

This interest in international development as a whole is what led me to pursuing a career within the renewable energy industry, in the form of a recruitment consultant at NextWave Partners.

Area of Specialisation

I recruit across the end-to-end value chain of renewable energy projects from the investment and commercial personnel to the technical professionals, with a focus on the below technologies:

•    Solar
•    Wind
•    Hydropower
•    Geothermal
•    Bio-Energy
•    Waste to Energy

My thoughts on Renewable Energy

I believe that this is a pivotal moment to be a part of the renewable energy industry, with the evolution of sustainable energy sources causing a major shift in the way we power our lives.

With world policy makers acknowledging the need for undertaking large-scale renewable energy projects to combat the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels, the early movers within the renewable energy industry are bound to end up on top, with this significant change in energy production strategy.  

As a recruiter in this sector, my goal is to make the future a greener one by ensuring that the increasing demand for specialised talent within the renewable energy industry is met. Now is the time to be a part of this change!