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Mervin Tng

Mervin Tng
Specialisation: Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment, ESG, Sustainability & Climate-Tech
Company Position: Associate Consultant - ESG, Sustainability, ClimateTech (APAC)
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Phone Number: +65 3174 0671

Moving into consultancy wasn’t by chance but a strategic move handling one of the fastest growing markets in the world. I try to balance between what I enjoy and what could do good for the world and I see myself at the forefront driving the paradigm shift of future business leaders into the ESG, Sustainability & ClimateTech space in which I specialise in.

Placing ESG & Sustainability as a core driver of business over profitability will ensure that the next generation can enjoy a more sustainable future to live, work and play.

Area of specialisation

At NextWave Partners, our targeted focus on a niche market can bring about a great number of complexities from a talent acquisition perspective and we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in what we set out to do as recruitment consultants.

I work closely on the full spectrum from Associates and Analysts all the way to Regional Heads and C-Suites in the ESG & Sustainability space, ensuring that the entire ecosystem of ESG is always fuelled with the right talent-making an impact on the environment.

My Thoughts of ESG, Sustainability, and ClimateTech

Climate change is real and it is time for the world to place more emphasis on how we operate businesses, and governments to reshape policy-making. 

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and Sustainability as pillars of how we operate will be the main drivers of operation and I cannot be more excited to see what this new dimension is going to be like and am happy to be at the forefront of this tremendous change in infrastructure, policy, labour, and most importantly mindset. 

I want to be able to look back far from the future as we progressively move into a more net zero carbon emission world and gladly say that I was part of this entire movement as we set out to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals UN Set out for.