Louison Cassarino

Specialisation: Renewable Energy
Company Position: Consultant - Renewables & Investment (Europe & LATAM Coverage)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 6340 1933

As a recent Politics and International Relations graduate from the University of Kent, I have always entertained a strong interest for environmental politics and the challenges of the future of energy.

Before my transition into recruitment, I worked for NGOs fundraising initiatives such as 'Friends of the Earth' in Hong Kong and ASMAE in France.

Area of specialisation

I recruit across the end-to-end value chain of renewable energy projects from the investment and commercial personnel to the technical professionals, with a focus on the below technologies:
•    Solar
•    Wind
•    Hydropower
•    Geothermal
•    Bio-Energy
•    Waste to Energy

Thoughts on Renewable Energy

Being someone who is passionate about the environment, it is an incredible time to witness the world turning over a ‘greener’ leaf. The renewable energy market has never been more exciting as it demonstrates an astounding expansion with the growing engagement of developing countries. The African region blooms with new projects, the Middle East settles into a hub of opportunities while Europe finds a new breath with its energetic transition.

With investments from all over the world, originating from across a wide spectrum of entities, companies are proactively looking for a skilled generation of professionals dedicated to the sector for continuous growth. And as a recruitment consultant, I am keen to partake in this NextWave!