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Jake Julius

Jake Julius
Specialisation: Renewable Energy
Company Position: Associate Consultant - Renewable Energy (Australia)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +61 485 872 587

​Having been all around the world and worked in many different roles in my time, I discovered that my foremost passion in life is helping and connecting with people.

I spent 2 years working for the Salvation Army's 'Project 614' in Melbourne, where we would feed the homeless community in Melbourne 3 meals a day and give them a place to sleep at night. This was an experience that was incredibly rewarding and challenging for me and that I gained invaluable skills in how to manage people and all kinds of different situations.

Furthermore, when I moved to Brisbane, I spent a year as a personal trainer/boxing coach at FITAZFK, which is one of the city's preeminent fitness facilities and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, helping people to achieve their fitness and life goal on a daily basis.

This year however, I decided to give up the exercise attire for the business attire and try my hand at recruitment.

Area of specialisation

I cover the Australian desk for renewable energy projects in wind, solar, and LNG.

I specialise in connecting the best candidates that I can find with the most forward thinking and trail blazing companies in the market.

My thoughts on Renewable Energy

I believe that if we are going to be serious about climate related issues, it is important to look at what is going to have the biggest effect, with all variabilities in mind. With that, it is my personal belief that technology, and particularly the increase in efficiency and scalability of renewables and other climate tech will lead the way in adapting to or even solving these issues.

That is why I am passionate about helping renewable energy companies find the right minds to move their visions forward and navigate this issue in a way that is clear, pragmatic and realistic.