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Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry
Specialisation: Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Renewable Energy
Company Position: Consultant - Renewables & Energy (EMEA)
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Phone Number: +44 20 3318 5569

​After completing university many moons ago, I began my career in book publishing as a Marketing and Publicity Assistant for an independent publisher of children’s book. After this I spent a couple of years as an Executive for a different company specialising in cookery, art, design, and heritage titles. I then finished up with a brief spell as a Publicist for a business and self-improvement publisher but was unfortunately made redundant just before the pandemic hit.

After a brief interlude in hospitality I then turned my hand to recruitment, and the rest is history!

Areas of specialisation

One thing my previous company is famed for is having very strict verticals for each of their consultants. To me, this has both its pros and cons, but one of the definite pros of this approach is that it allows you to gain an incredible wealth of knowledge about a small, defined area of an industry. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, this can then allow you to turn into the ‘go-to’ guru for any future roles that crop up within your niche!

I specialised in Quality within Offshore Wind, initially only in France and the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), but this was then expanded to cover the whole of Europe. I typically recruited QAQC Managers and Project Quality Managers, but also supplied Quality Engineers and Inspectors where needed.

My thoughts on Energy & Infrastructure

I really enjoyed working within Quality as they tended to allow for longer contracts with (hopefully) nice margins! I found that, in general, Quality professionals were very dedicated and passionate about what they did, which was nice to be a part of – it’s an incredibly important part of both the maintenance and sign-off of a wind farm, and a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Whilst I’m looking forward to continuing my work with Quality workers, I’d also like to extend this to other white collar areas of work, including (but not limited to!) Project Management, HSE, and Procurement.