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Ford Lotfian

Ford Lotfian
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure
Company Position: Associate Resourcer - Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure (Americas)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 929-295-6701

​My background mainly revolved around tech, having Studied Computer Science and Data Science. I did some freelance work as a Data Scientist running everything A - Z. Data Prep, Cleaning, Visualization, Machine Learning, and Ultimately Deployment. I am comfortable coding in Python and SQL, and also working in a cloud environment where I can run both Supervised and Unsupervised learning. Any buzzwords you may come across, Neural Networks, Boosting Tree Algorithms, Model Monitoring, etc. I probably had some experience with it at some point. Before tech I worked as a CNA helping care for the elderly, and I guess one cool cert I used to have is that I’ve gotten near completion of my private Pilot’ license having booked several hours in the air.

Area of specialization

Mainly focusing in the North American Renewable Energy sector. As to the specific roles they really do vary. Everything from Data Science, to Senior Analysts of Structured Finance, Marketing roles, Software Engineers, I’ve had experience with quite the variety. Mainly recruitment is done for companies that work with Wind, Solar, or Hydro, or even BESS companies that focus on Batteries.

Renewable Energy demand is there, and I only see it increasing. The industry has so much to offer and right now it is only in its infancy. There’s a rare opportunity here to not only ride the wave up with the explosive growth that is happening while being rewarded for your efforts, but also work with something whose goal is to provide a healthier, cleaner Earth, and create sustainability.