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Davis Flachs

Davis Flachs
Specialisation: Climate Tech Recruitment
Company Position: Associate Consultant - Climate-tech, EV Recruitment
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 929-298-7478

Originally from North Carolina with a background in political work and insurance, I've dedicated myself to working for the future. I'm passionate about renewable energy, electric vehicles, finance, and most of all, career coaching and recruiting. As a hyper-social person who finds pleasure in helping others, my goal is to assist others achieve their goals and set themselves up for success in the ClimateTech and electric vehicle industry.

My Area of Specialization:
As an Associate Consultant for NextWave Partners, I channel that passion into consulting growing EV & ClimateTech companies based in North America. ​As an Associate Consultant supporting the North American market, I specialize in developing and growing the ClimateTech sector.

Seemingly all of the western world has made the initiative to shift towards a greener model and developing countries are just getting started. With the push from global organizations and assistance from global superpowers, governments of countries around the globe have focused on promoting renewables to increase output efficiency, lower pollution levels, and reduce long term maintenance costs. I am thrilled to have a role in this transition.

My Thoughts on Climate-tech:
ClimateTech allows us to fight climate change through other means, rather than the construction of solar/wind plants. Through ClimateTech, we can utilize new softwares chart the level of pollutants in our water systems, predict weather conditions to optimize PV usage, and construct our buildings to be many times more efficient. ClimateTech opens up a whole new front in the war against climate change.

🌱 We are committed to supporting industries battling climate change towards a net-zero future and a sustainable economy.