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Daniel Fleites

Specialisation: Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure, Renewable Energy
Company Position: Senior Consultant - Energy Transition & Sustainable Infrastructure (Americas)
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Phone Number: +1 929-383-7692

​I began my career in New York City with a global energy recruitment company with a focus on the utilities space. Joining in the midst of the COVID pandemic, I began to understand the crucial service a knowledgeable consultant can provide to companies within their sector. Prior to my career, my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science provided the exposure to the energy industry needed to spark a lasting interest to be a part of the energy transition we are experiencing today.

My Area of Specialisation

Grid Interconnection in the renewables industry at all levels.

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy

The energy industry has transitioned from relying on fossil fuels towards greener resources in the past years. This has lead to a high demand for wind, solar, and battery storage projects to be completed in a timely manner. As consumers, we are all depending on the successful integration of these renewable resources into our national power grid. 
Understanding the financial and technical impacts these new projects will have on the grid is paramount to meeting the high energy demand of the U.S. in a stable, and reliable fashion.
I look forward to continuing to contribute to the growing renewables space. Transitioning to greener sources of generation is, as many of us can agree, a need that must be met.