Charlotte Gui

Company Position: HR Manager & HR Consulting Lead
Email Address:

Born and raised in Singapore, I graduated with an HR degree from University College Dublin and started out as a recruiter. Throughout my many years, I have gone into different scopes including payroll as an external provider, as well as leading the HR processes/functions for an advertising agency.

To this day I remain a motivated and all-rounded human resource professional with years of experience in human resource strategy and operations. I am multi-tasker managing projects simultaneously, also highly skilled in tracking details and completing deadlines. I am also adept at leveraging technology to deliver impactful results. At NextWave Partners, I lead the internal HR functions and offer external Human Resources consulting services.

Area of specialisation

Helping with HR setups:
•     For employee income tax purpose – registration of AIS for companies to be able to submit their employees’ income tax
•     For CPF submission purpose – registration of CSN (CPF submission number) to be able to submit monthly CPF contributions

•     Well-versed in all phases of the hiring process and effectively communicating with hiring managers/candidates, including defining job roles, seniority, assessing needed skills, qualifications and competencies.

Payroll and tax:
•     Expert in this area - Full payroll and tax process from calculating salaries, allowances and deductions to CPF submission.
•     Calculating taxable/non-taxable components and submission of yearly income tax details to the tax authorities, not limited to ad-hoc tax clearance process for foreigners.

Performance management:
•     Tracking, monitoring, and evaluating employee performance, KPIs and communicating constant feedback to superiors.
•     Conduct career-related development conversations to understand both the needs of the employees and the company. Provide updated salary information/salary trends for yearly increment/promotion purposes.

Employee engagement:
•     Analyse the existing culture/characteristics of the team and assess engagement needs to cultivate motivation.
•     Plan relevant budgets and activities for employee bonding purposes. Conduct employee climate surveys to gather feedback for improvements.

Others include:
•     Work pass application
•     Leave, claims, and benefits administration
•     Psychometric assessment and consultation

With uprising start-ups in Singapore, I play a crucial role to help companies alleviate the burdens tied to HR groundwork. I always believe in helping our clients improve their efficiency while cutting costs and achieving their business objectives at the same time. It is pleasing that our clients depend on us so that they can increase their focus on strategy /core competencies. We allow increased flexibility and innovation for companies to grow.

Being part of NextWave Partners is truly an exciting journey.