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Caroline Kelly

Specialisation: ESG and Sustainability
Company Position: Associate Consultant - ESG & Sustainability
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 929-416-6277

With a Masters in Energy, Environmental Technology and Economics from City, University of London, I have a global insight into the changing energy landscape. Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I come from a background working in residential solar as a data analyst, which gave me hands on experience in the renewables sector. ESG and Sustainability have always been incredibly important to me, and I’m excited to make a positive impact through my work at NextWave Partners. I’m excited to connect with leaders of the industry and grow my network as I connect the brightest talents with top clients.

Area of Specialization:
As part of NextWave’s ESG & Sustainability division in the US, I am helping to transform the positive shift to a greener future for the North American Market. ESG reporting in the US has created a push for a greener economy. I am incredibly excited to be on the growing North American team and looking forward to where the future takes us. I am excited to put both my education and experience to good use to ensure a greener future for everyone!

Thoughts on ESG & Sustainability:
With all the new technology coming from the growing ESG & Sustainability industry, I am really excited to see where is takes us in the coming decades. While many people see the obvious ones of solar, wind and geothermal, there are developing technologies that will be able to be viable both residential homes and commercial spaces that will improve sustainability. ClimateTech, ESG and sustainability professionals are truly pushing the envelope to what we thought was possible and I truly believe that we have a promising future with the bright minds of today. ​