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Carmen Yeoh

Carmen Yeoh
Specialisation: Climate Tech Recruitment, ESG and Sustainability
Company Position: Consultant - ClimateTech, Sustainability
Email Address:
Phone Number: +65 9723 6259

​I am a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a proven track record in business development. With a strong background in the technology industry within the recruitment space, I possess a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs. My exceptional communication and interpersonal skills enable me to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, ensuring successful outcomes. My strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities have led to the successful implementation of numerous deals, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. I have a passion for innovation and a results-driven mindset, consistently exceeding expectations and driving business growth.

Area of Specialisation

Previously, I was working as a specialist 360-degree headhunter specializing in the FinTech space within the JAPAC and EMEA regions.

With extensive experience in liaising with senior talents and clients, I excel in the end-to-end recruitment process, including business development, headhunting, client and candidate management, and post-placement care. My achievements speak for themselves—I closed the biggest deal in the Product department with a fee size of $63k within the first 8 weeks. Additionally, my strong hunter mindset allowed me to bring in a new client and convert them into a multi-hire client, placing their VP of Product and CTO positions.

In my current role at Nextwave Partners, I specialize in the dynamic field of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) within the climate tech space. I cover a diverse range of roles, from Senior Carbon Consultants to Senior ESG Analysts, and even Chief Sustainability Officers. My expertise extends across multiple markets, including renewable energy companies and climate data and analytics firms. Within these markets, I assist organizations in implementing sustainable practices, identifying opportunities for carbon reduction, and maximizing their ESG performance. By navigating these diverse roles and markets, I contribute to driving positive environmental impact and facilitating the transition to a more sustainable future.

My Thoughts on Climate-tech and Sustainability

I believe the ESG space represents a pivotal and transformative movement within the business world. It is no longer just a trend but a fundamental shift towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to doing business. As we face pressing global challenges, such as climate change and social inequality, integrating ESG principles has become crucial for long-term success. The potential of this market is immense, with increasing investor demand for companies that prioritize environmental stewardship, social impact, and strong governance practices. The ESG space not only presents an opportunity for organizations to align their values with their operations but also offers a pathway for innovation, risk mitigation, and enhanced reputation. By embracing the ESG space and actively driving positive change, we can create a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future for both businesses and society as a whole.