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Brando Tenda

Specialisation: Data, AI & Analytics, Climate Tech Recruitment
Company Position: Associate Consultant - Climate-tech, Data
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 (929) 295-6710

Currently based in Seattle, I'm a SoCal native with a passion for growth, effective communication, and (most of all) people.

These passions ignited an interest in writing, as well as business from a young age; my path has taken me from doing business work in high school to starting my own English tutoring business in college to becoming a maitre’d in the fast-paced service industry.

My path has finally taken me here as I channel my passions to grow in my consultative career here at NextWave Partners.

My Area of Specialisation

As an Associate Consultant for NextWave Partners, I currently focus on supporting the growth of the brand new digital frontier of CleanTech, with a focus on Data.

In this burgeoning new market, Data Science and Engineering is crucial in insuring implementation of new generation tech is seamless and efficient. As the growth of these projects only grows faster with more and more companies executing at an alarming rate, it’s only more vital for the digital infrastructure to grow at an equal pace.

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy

When one thinks of Renewables, one thinks of giant wind turbines, acres upon acres of glinting PV panels drinking up the son. But arguably, what is almost more important than the hardware leading the green revolution is the invisible lines of code and data-driven AI models that ensure this hardware is at peak performance, that ensures they’re built with minimal cost, that ensures the energy goes to the right homes, neighbourhoods, and cities.

ClimateTech is what ensures all the energy and necessary materials are being utilized to their fullest potential, and I’m more than positive that in the very near future this space will flourish to the heights of other adjacent tech markets.

🌱 We are committed to supporting industries battling climate change towards a net-zero future and a sustainable economy.