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Blake Needham

Blake Needham
Specialisation: Renewable Energy, Energy & Infrastructure Recruitment
Company Position: Associate Consultant - Renewable Energy (Americas)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 (929) 499-0237

Originally from Texas, I am a young professional with a passion for finance, self learning, and putting everything I have into my career and education. This culminates in my homeschooled graduation, earning my Eagle Scout, and being a member of the Praxis program (an internship bootcamp). I wanted to jumpstart my career early, so I opted out of the college route, moved to New York, and joined NextWave to develop interpersonal skills and actually help people.

My Area of Specialisation

As an Associate Consultant supporting the North American market, I specialize in developing and growing the renewable energy sector. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Energy Storage

  • Land Acquisition

  • Project Development

My Thoughts on Renewable Energy & Sustainability

It is clear to me that renewable energy, in all of its forms, is the way forward when it comes to sustainably powering the world. With money pouring in from investors and the technology improving every day, I see the transition to renewable energy to be practically inevitable. I would be ecstatic to be a driver of that transition.