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Amber Cutting

Specialisation: Renewable Energy, ESG, Sustainability & Climate-Tech
Company Position: Consultant - Clean Energy, Sustainability & ESG
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Phone Number: +65 3174 0694

I started my career in competitive equestrian sport in the UK and spent several years backing and producing young horses. Following this, I spent some time working at a commercial Mercedes-Benz dealership in the UK in a hybrid role between sales and service before moving to Singapore and starting my career in Recruitment.

Areas of specialisation

I am covering the Clean Energy, Sustainability, and ESG desk for the EMEA market. I work with organisations that have, or are in the process of laying our clear commitments and pathways to a more environmentally sustainable future. 

This typically involves an incredibly deep dive into their environmental, social, and economic impact in order to understand the areas that can be improved and what can be done to meet their climate pledges. 

At NextWave we are dedicated to supporting this ever-growing industry by providing exceptional, specialised talent that can help our clients in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Finance and Impact Investment

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • ESG Risk and Reporting

  • Climate Change and Carbon Management

  • Sustainability Research and Policy

  • Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Utilities

  • PropTech, Smart Building

  • Energy Efficiency, AI-powered Forecasting

  • ImpactTech

  • Battery Storage/Grid Technology

  • Smart Water Usage/Tech

  • Recycling, Waste Management

  • Sustainable Agribusiness, FoodTech

  • Sustainable Forestry

My thoughts on Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability is something I have always been very passionate about. I have grown up in a family of consciously minded people who understand that action is needed to change the direction in which our environment is headed.  Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) are becoming increasingly important in every area of business. Products with sustainable supply chains are selling better, we’ve had our fifth consecutive record-breaking year in terms of investment into ESG focused funds, and a lot of the biggest name brands of today are making net-zero pledges. 

Sustainability is becoming a part of every conversation and I feel very excited to have my voice in the mix.