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Social Responsibility

Walkn'Talk Campaign

The NextWave Partners team is passionate about giving back time and expertise through our Walkn'Talk fundraising campaign.
It aims to offer career or recruitment process consultations for free and to promote mental health awareness through physical exercise while raising donations towards an important campaign.

This quarter, meet one of our specialist Recruitment Consultants from the NextWave Partners team for an in-person/digital walk to discuss your career or your business's recruitment process and donate to help India Battle Its COVID-19 Crisis.
Let us know you donated by using the hashtag #walkntalk and tagging NextWave Partners on social media!


As we pride ourselves to be ahead of the curve, it is important for us to partner with organisations that share our visions going above and beyond to make a positive impact.

We are proud to be collaborating with companies making a change such as:

Global Wind Energy Council
We partner with the Global Wind Energy Council as they share the same vision to enable the Global Wind Industry and act as catalysts for the success of the sector as a whole. We are all about connecting passionate people with purposeful career opportunities and we are looking to add as much value to GWEC and its mission by being the “people connectors”, helping to establish an effective and efficient global wind eco-system working towards a common goal.

Clean Energy Council
We share a common vision with the Clean Energy Council to accelerate the energy transition in Australia through engaging stakeholders on key initiatives to drive forward the industry and the people that serve it in a smarter way. We have a unique vantage point to add value to the Council and voice for key recruitment topics in the sector. We are particularly passionate about supporting professionals looking to enter the Renewable energy sector coming from alternative industries interested in taking steps towards a green future. 

Titans Rugby Club
We chose to support Titans Rugby as the club has been built on strong values, the coaches, players, and volunteers go “above and beyond” to make a positive impact across a wide demographic. The club also sponsors a number of local players who may not otherwise be able to benefit from the impact that rugby can have during childhood, adolescence, as well as adulthood.